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Backpacking around the world to meet entrepreneurs and exciting new business ideas!


At the tender age of 24, André Leonardo – the Azorean from Terceira Island – set off on a year-long journey around the world that would take him to 23 different countries. The goal was simple: he sought to discover joy and energy beyond the debt and crisis that were oh-so prominent back home towards the end of the noughties. Despite the state of the global economy, André was eager to meet positive-minded people who continued to pave their way through business and entrepreneurship. On his global adventure, he encountered inspiring innovators and business leaders from all walks of life, and despite their major differences when it comes to i.a. culture, politics, and economic state, they all had 3 things in common: a positive mindset, the ability to dream and the will to make it happen!


André Leonardo travelled alone to the 4 corners of the world taking only a backpack and a camera. He gathered inspiring entrepreneurship stories throughout his 126-thousand-kilometer journey and which he presents us in his book. Here the word entrepreneurship takes on a new meaning and definitely reveals itself as a lifestyle. An attitude towards life regardless of the environment and time we live in.


One world tour

During 1 year André visited 23 countries – Portugal, Czech Republic, Israel, Palestine, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, USA, Canada and England

Inspiring entrepreneurs

The story behind the entrepreneur. What is his story? What´s his favorite quote? How many hours did he need to make his dream come true? Where, how and why? In this book, you will find the most inspirational entrepreneurship stories that André gathered all over the world

Life-changing experiences!

In this book you can find the most valuable lessons André’ve learnt filled with travelling and inspiration. One of this amazing experiences, “Put things into perspective” (Kibera story) was nominated “One of the best 80 stories from around the world” by the Navigator Company

Extreme Mission!

André sold everything he owned and looked for sponsors (only 7 said ‘yes’ out of 97). With a very short budget and with no money for accomodation or food he decided to go anyway. During this mission he lost almost 10kg, slept on the streets and was robbed. But he made it happen.

One of the five books every entrepreneur should read!

Tim Vieira, SharkTank investor

About André Leonardo

Serial Entrepreneur | Traveler | Author | Speaker
“One of the Seven Young People Who Are Changing The World” by PANGEA (2016)
  • Set up his own business at only 6 years old: selling flowers door-to-door;
  • Founder of “Faz Acontecer” (Make it Happen), a motivational movement that wants to inspire, foster the entrepreneurship activity and promote entrepreneurship as a lifestyle;
  • Traveled to +40 countries around the globe;
  • Author, host and Tv presenter of "Faz Acontecer" TV Show;
  • Author of "Make it happen", co-author of "Siete Jóvenes que Están Transformando el Mundo";
  • Articles for several blogs/newspapers like Under30CEO or UPGLOBAL;
  • Speaker to more than 35.000 people, organizations and entrepreneurs in 5 different countries
  • Master’s degree in Management and specialized in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy;
  • Visiting Associate Professor - Teaching Entrepreneurship (I and II);
  • Directly involved in several startups in different areas - technology, health and tourism;
  • Organized three international inspirational events for young leaders and entrepreneurs in the beautiful Azores islands - more than 1.500 people attended
  • Featured in media all over the world (Gulf-Elite Middle East, TVE Spain, RTP1 Portugal, TvSibuka Tanzania, Lightmagazine Bulgaria, TvRecord Brazil, BostonGlobe USA, ÁfricaToday Angola, etc);
Let´s make it happen!


I love to inspire people and to talk about what I love the most: Entrepreneurship as a lifestyle. My adventures have taken me to start my first business at the age of 6 years old, visit more than 40 countries, meet more than 200 entrepreneurs and CEO´s all over the world, featured in media all over the world, write a book “Make it Happen: Backpacking around the world to meet entrepreneurs and exciting new business ideas!”, talk to more than 30.000 people in different countries (Portugal, Spain, Nepal, Brazil and USA) and to host a TV series in Portugal” – André Leonardo

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  • Hearing the inspiring true life stories of so many whilst rooting for Andre on his year long adventure leaves you reflecting on your own goals, asking how you too can take action and achieve them like so many others around the world who have done so in adverse conditions. Highly motivating with call to taking action, your left questioning “why not?”

    Ryan Johnson, Oxford - England
  • This book gives us an invaluable insight into the different forms and interpretations of entrepreneurship around the world; from top performing CEOs of multinationals to necessity entrepreneurs in less developed areas, it has it all!

    Siddharth Choksi, Madrid - Spain
  • When I got this book, I couldn’t stop reading it! I read the whole think in 24h! It´s so interesting to see that the massive entrepreneurs and the little ones have so much in common. André, thank you so much for writing this book!

    Jorge Fonseca, Lisbon - Portugal